Why To Be Part Of Al-Fayasel Family??

Alfayasel laboratories invests considerable resources and efforts in the training and development of its staff. All employees undergo a thorough training program when they join the Alfayasel laboratories, and participate in on-going training. Every year the company allocates a dedicated budget for the training of its staff, with the type of training tailored to each employee’s position. Employees involved in medical sales must have an academic degree in a life science subject.

The Alfayasel laboratories training programs include day seminars and courses in Jordan and overseas. The marketing of any new product involves thorough training in the product and its features, including sending designated employees for overseas training by its manufacturer.

Alfayasel laboratories is keen to send their employees to professional seminars relevant to their positions, or related subjects. In some cases, the company will contribute to the tuition fees for graduate studies undertaken by long-standing employees. The company’s management attaches great importance to the advancement of its employees to higher positions, in preference to the recruitment of new employees (“Promotion from within”). This promotion policy has many advantages, such as retaining the knowledge developed by Alfayasel laboratories employees, increasing career motivation and loyalty, accelerating the integration process, and providing opportunities for professional advancement.

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