CUTELL Nipple Cream


CUTELL Nipple Cream with its modern formula is rich in Olive oil,Cocoa butter, and Panthenol (Pro vitamin B5) with moisturizing and nourishing agents.


CUTELL Nipple Cream highly effective in relieving, preventing, and removing cracks in nipples associated with pregnancy and breast feeding.

Active Ingredients

Panthenol (Pro vitamin B5) 1.75% .

Other Ingredients

Olive Oil , Cocoa Butter , Paraffin Oil , Vaseline in a suitable emulsifying medium.

How to use

Apply CUTELL Nipple Cream on the nipple and the surrounding area after each feeding, cleaning, or when needed. As this formula is safe, there is no need to remove the remainder of the cream from the nipples before breast- feeding.


Cream 50 ml tube.

Order  No. Description Quantity
80220 Cutell nipple cream 50 ml tube 200/Cs