CUTELL Vaginal Douche


CUTELL Vaginal Douche has the broad antimicrobial spectrum of iodine, but has no undesirable features and disadvantages associated with elemental iodine.
CUTELL Vaginal Douche kills gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungi protozoa, spores and viruses.
CUTELL Vaginal Douche has an immediate onset and prolonged duration of action. Its activity is not affected by blood, pus, soap or bile.


• Candidal Vaginitis
• Non-specific vaginitis infection
• Preoperative preparation of the vagina.
• Trichomonal vaginitis.

Active Ingredients

Contains 10% Povidone – iodine U.S.P.

How to use

1. In Case of infection:
Add 15 ml to 1 liter of warm water and use as a douche before bedtime.
To be used daily for two weeks including the menstrual period.
Application may be repeated for two more weeks including the menstrual period.
Consult your physician in case infection continues.

2. In case of routine disinfection :
Use as above but once or twice a week.


Liquid 150 ml.

Order  No. Description Quantity
80310 Cutell vaginal douche bottle 150 ml 200/Cs