GermClear kills vegetative micro – Organisms and viruses including Hepatitis B & HIV in ten minutes. But for the destruction of Mycobacterium tuberculosis immersion must be for one hour.
– It kills all forms of microbial life including resistant bacterial spores in ten hours.
– It is compatible with common surgical materials including Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Nickel and Chrome plated items.
– It does not damage cement mounts of lens systems.
– It is simple to use and has visual evidence of activation.


It is used for disinfection and sterilization of delicate and heat sensitive instruments and equipment including endoscopes, anaesthetic face masks, endotracheal tubes, rebreathing bags…etc.

Active Ingredients

2% w/v Glutaraldehyde

How to use

Add the activator to the 5 L gallon solution, mix well, then test by indicator, color change of indicator to pink means the solution is activated.



Order  No. Description Quantity
80160 Germ Clear Solution Gallon 5 liter 4/Cs
80604 Germ Clear Activator 100 ml 4/Cs