Hand gel sanitizer


Be Clean Alcoholic gel (Hand Sanitizer), enriched with Vitamin E.

Properties & Indications

1. Kills 99.9% of germs within few seconds, with no soap or water needed.
2. Takes less time to use (from 62 seconds to only 15 seconds).
3. Is more effective in killing the bacteria on hands.
4. Contains emollients to prevent hand dryness with frequent use.
5. It comes with disposable bag with short nozzle (short nozzle allows the bacteria to accumulate in the nozzle). The nozzle and the valve don’t allow the external air to go inside, so there is no chance of contamination by the external environment.
6. It is easy to monitor the bag volume, so it adds an economic value as it will be clear when you should apply a new bag.

Active Ingredients

Ethanol 70% V/V.

How to use

Apply a sufficient quantity on the palm of your hands and rub.



Order  No. Description Quantity
80320 Be Clean Ethanol gel 70% v/v 60 ml 252/Cs
80612 Be Clean Ethanol gel 70% v/v 1000 ml bag 24/Cs
80404 Be Clean Ethanol gel 70% v/v 5 liter 4/Cs
80405 Be Clean Ethanol gel 70% v/v 0.5 liter pump 24/Cs
80321 Be Clean Ethanol gel 70% v/v 1 liter pump 14/Cs