Private Label

What is a private label?

Same products serving different businesses usually hold the same name. Nevertheless, businesses are not equal. Within the privacy of your firm, why should your space be filled with outsider names whom you’re promoting? Promoting your own name is your number one priority.. and ours.
Private labeling is a matter of emphasizing on your business’s identity throughout your daily practices, among employees and clients. It is after all about advertising your uniqueness, placing your company where it is worth in the market and rising above your competition.
This is where WE come in to manipulate everyday objects to reflect your business’s mission and its personality. We are a brainstorming tank with a cumulus of ideas and a flexibility of adapting to each project’s background and prospective. We can start your product from scratch, from resources we have already acquired or from your own thoughts and desires all the way to meet up with the client’s expectations.

Our approach

What mostly attracts customers in our novel methodology is that… we listen! Our whole job depends on our ability of translating your needs and vision into reality as helpful and as welcoming as we can.

We have been in the private label business for more than 15 years with clients ranging from factories, companies, hospitals among others. Our market share is spread from east coast to west coast in the Arab World and is present in the United States of America as well.

From one single product to a several products, have your purpose well defined and highlighted through utensils serving your team and your customers.

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