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Foam Hand Sanitizer

From د.ا2.50
An instant sanitizing foam that does not contain alcohol and does not require rinsing with water Features high quality , one-step foaming hand sanitizer It kills up to 99% of all bacteria on the hands. It is used anywhere to give the desired hygiene  

General Sanitizer

From د.ا2.50
Be clean sanitizer and disinfectant, a practical and easy-to-use topical antiseptic A lethal combination to eliminate viruses and bacteria and prevent their transmission and spread Kills 99.9% of germs and microbes Prevents the transmission of germs from surfaces to humans Because it does not contain stabilizers, it evaporates quickly and completely This product is ideal for removing process residues and decontaminating gloves for hands  


It kills vegetative micro - Organisms and viruses including Hepatitis B & HIV in ten minutes. But for the destruction of Mycobacterium tuberculosis immersion must be for one hour. - It kills all forms of microbial life including resistant bacterial spores in ten hours. - It is compatible with common surgical materials including Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Nickel and Chrome plated items. - It does not damage cement mounts of lens systems. - It is simple to use and has visual evidence of activation.  

Hand Sanitizer Gell

From د.ا0.80
Protect yourself and your family everywhere and at any time, without the need for water and soap An innovative formula that combines sterilization and moisturizing at the same time, as it contains vitamin E, which is famous for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Be Clean hand sanitizer gel has the following features Kills 99.9% of germs in seconds without the need for water or soap Fast-acting starts working once it is used and applied to the hands Effective in killing bacteria and germs It does not cause dryness to the hands because it contains vitamin E and moisturizing materials such as glycerin  

Spray Sanitizer

From د.ا0.70
A topical sanitizer that kills bacteria and fungi and stops their growth Eliminates airborne viruses It is used to sterilize wounds and skin infections Kills 99.9% of germs and microbes Fast evaporation and volatilization because it does not contain stabilizers This product is ideal for the removal of process residues and for gloves decontamination Prevention of surface-to-human transmission of rotaviruses by treatment with disinfectant spray Perfect for air sterilizing and keeping it free of microbes