Spray Sanitizer


1. Topical disinfectant Killer of bacteria and fungi and stops growth.
2. Protects against airborne germs.
3. Kills 99.9% of bacteria.
4. Prevention of surface-to-human transmission of rotaviruses by treatment with disinfectant spray.
5. It can be used straight out of the container and be applied poured or sprayed then use rag to clean it.
6. Since it contains no stabilizers, it evaporates quickly and completely.
7. This product is ideal for the removal of process residues and for glove decontamination.


1. Disinfect Skin infections and wounds.
2. Sterile Alcohol Solution removes residue from hard surfaces such as roofs of homes and offices.

Order  No. Description Quantity
80915 Spray Sanitizer 60 ml 252/Cs
80913 Spray Sanitizer 1000 ml bag 24/Cs
80925 Spray Sanitizer 5 L 4/Cs