URELOL Cream & Lotion


1. URELOL is a very effective moisturizer on the stratum corneum.
2. Skin will become more elastic because of the keratolytic properties of urea
3. Has antipruritic and antibacterial properties.
4. With its little Sodium Chloride content Urelol will retain moisture on the dry skin and reduce its tendency to dry again .


For the very dry , scaly skins , hyperkeratosis and ichthyosis .


Prilled Urea 10% , Cetostearyl Alcohol , Steareth 20 , Propylene Glycol, Sodium chloride, Liquid Paraffin , Methylparaben , Propylparaben , and perfumes .

How to use

Apply a small quantity of Urelol over the affected area, Massage until absorbed , you may repeat 2-3 times daily .
For external use only



Order  No. Description Quantity
80021 Urelol lotion 175 ml 84/Cs
80910 Urelol Cream tube 100 ml 150/Cs