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Silver Nitrate 90% wt/wt.
  • For warts.
  • For vagainal cautery (Cervix).
  • For mucous membranes.
 Uses: a- For warts including plantar verrucae . b- For cautery and as mild caustic, used on skin and mucous membranes. c- When used for warts, it can be used by the patient, but for cautery and as a mild caustic it should be used by the physician . Mechanism of Action : Silver Nitrate ion (Ag+) precipitates proteins and  interferes  with  microbial  metabolic activities and kills germs.    

Blue Scan Ultra Sound Gell

From د.ا0.85
Nongreasy, Aqueous, will not stain clothing coupling gel for diagnostic ultrasound scanning and easy to remove from the skin by towel or tissue. Suitable for a wide range of frequencies used Does not contain formaldehyde dissolved in water fragrance-free  


It kills vegetative micro - Organisms and viruses including Hepatitis B & HIV in ten minutes. But for the destruction of Mycobacterium tuberculosis immersion must be for one hour. - It kills all forms of microbial life including resistant bacterial spores in ten hours. - It is compatible with common surgical materials including Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Nickel and Chrome plated items. - It does not damage cement mounts of lens systems. - It is simple to use and has visual evidence of activation.  


For Gastroscopic & Digital Examination A sterile, non-greasy transparent, water-soluble jelly for gynecological and surgical lubrication. It is suitable for ECG and Cystoscopic work, instruments, and digital examinations. Its use is either with devices or by using fingers, and it is not harmful to human tissues or devices used for examination As a lubricant, it helps relieve all the pain caused by severe dryness in the vagina and is easy to use and clean