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You can contact us via the following numbers

Mobile: 00962776755550

Tel: 0096265810818

Fax: 0096265829837

Or through our social media pages

Subscription and registration:

The client is allowed to register only one account and alfayasel labs has the right to suspend any multiple accounts for one client.

Alfayasel labs has the right to verify the identity of the client through any channel of communication.

Shipping rates and delivery times:

Enjoy free shipping by shopping through Alfayasel Labs product

orders are delivered within 24 hours in Amman, and within 48 hours for areas outside Amman.

Circumstances beyond our control:

Alfayasel laboratories is not responsible for the loss or damage of purchases due circumstances beyond our control. These conditions include only natural phenomena such as earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, floods and fog, also fires, aircraft crashes, power cuts, transportation roads, or any other disturbance.