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Ever Wet

Personal Lubricant that enhances the comfort of intimate activity. Indications: 1. Everwet helps keep vagina well moisturized.
  1. Everwet is a long lasting lubricant.
  2. Everwet is compatible with condoms
  3. Everwet can be easily washed with water.
  4. Everwet helps reduce vaginal dryness.
  5. Everwet is color free, flavor free and fragrance free, to eliminate sensitivity and allergy.


For Gastroscopic & Digital Examination A sterile, non-greasy transparent, water-soluble jelly for gynecological and surgical lubrication. It is suitable for ECG and Cystoscopic work, instruments, and digital examinations. Its use is either with devices or by using fingers, and it is not harmful to human tissues or devices used for examination As a lubricant, it helps relieve all the pain caused by severe dryness in the vagina and is easy to use and clean