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Urelol Lotion

Leave the dryness aside and enjoy soft and smooth skin Urelol Lotion, the most effective moisturizing lotion, contains urea, which is known for its deeply moisturizing , it has the ability to attract water and keep it in the skin so that you can get moist skin as long as possible Light and quickly absorbed The skin becomes more elastic and soft due to urea's fight against dryness of the skin It also contains a little sodium chloride to make the skin moisturizing process sustainable  

Clean Face Acne Cream

Get your skin rid of acne Leave your skin smooth and clear without acne Clean Face Cream works to control the acne in the skin completely Prevents its spread on the skin It completely eliminates the acne and helps to remove its effect from the skin It also balances the secretion of oils in the skin It contains salicylic acid that removes acne from the skin And remove dead skin in an effective way without harming the grains on the skin  


From د.ا3.90
Leave the traditional methods of getting rid of mosquitoes and insects and receive the modern product in its innovative way to get rid of these insects and their painful and annoying stings Alfarep is a completely new product in the way it works to expel mosquitoes and annoying insects and keep them away from the place A very safe product, as Alfarep can be used as a spray and sprayed directly on the skin, surfaces and clothes Immediately, Alfarep  works in all its forms to keep mosquitoes, and insects away from the body to which the product is applied and prevents their approach The product is available in three forms for ease of use: Alfarep Cream / Alfarep Spray / Alfarep Stick Alfarep can be used by all ages, for children and adults  

Cutell Whitening Cream

Pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and dark spots problems are a thing of the past Now with Cutell Whitening Cream Get clear, unified skin without the hassle, effort, or waste of money Cutell Whitening Cream is a special cream that directly controls the secretion of melanin (the pigment responsible for skin pigmentation). And reducing their works to lighten the skin within a few days Help treat spots and pigmentation on the skin It also has a very powerful effect in treating pigmentation in the body  

Liquid Hand Soap

From د.ا2.85
 Be Clean Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap This product is specially formulated to kill germs Refresh your senses with this antibacterial soap Leaves your hands feeling clean, soft, and smelling fresh  

Tricho Cream

Hair loss is one of the most popular hair problems for everyone, and there is no doubt that it causes anxiety and inconvenience. But hair loss is no longer a problem. Tricho Cream is the most effective product in treating hair problems Where the benefits of Tricho Cream are not limited to stopping hair loss only, but also works to solve all hair problems -Strengthens hair roots -Strengthens hair follicles and stimulates their growth -Gives hair the perfect softness and shine -It also treats alopecia in the head and controls it A therapeutic natural product that contains the most important therapeutic oils and herbal extracts And also on natural garlic extract An integrated product that treats hair, restores it, and gives it softness and luster